Always check with your local township to see if a permit is required and to ensure proper placement within your required setbacks. American sheds requires a minimum of 2ft clearance around the building in order for the installer to work properly. A minimum of 4ft is required if your shed is 12ft wide or more. A 2ft clearance must be allowed overhead for shingle application.

Site preparation such as stone bed, slab, excavation, pruning and or clearing of your site must be done prior to the installation day. Installer will level (no excavation), up to 6 inches at no extra charge. Moisture resistant materials are used unless the customer supplies patio blocks. To determine how many patio blocks are required contact your local dealer or sales office.

Access to the property must be through a gate or yard. A carry fee will be applied for carries greater than 125ft. Walking through a home or across the street is not considered access and will also entail an extra fee. We will need access to electrical outlet within 100 feet of the chosen installation site.